What "Your Research Department" means: CRPP consolidates and syncs your current or new research efforts, moves much of it online, builds an on-going research program with unlimited possibilities at minimal cost. CRPP becomes Your Research Department.

College & Universities
  • National and state public opinion polling
  • College/University awareness, knowledge and perceptions
  • Higher education attitudes, perceptions, opinion polling
  • Special group research – students, prospective students/parents, alumni, donors
  • Custom designed market research
  • Homegrown student, faculty and staff satisfaction surveys
  • Benchmark research on advertising recall, messaging, conceptual program tests
  • Website input and student online advisory panel management
  • Surveys among leadership at America’s universities and colleges
College & universities
Private Sector
  • Market research
  • Customer, consumer, constituent and residents satisfaction surveys
  • Needs assessments
  • Conceptual programming, product, service testing
  • Opinion research / Issue polling
  • Communication: advertising recall, message testing, rating websites
  • Market share surveys
Private Sector
Energy Efficiency & Conservation Groups
  • Issue polling for media coverage and legislator attention
  • Program awareness and knowledge
  • Environment and energy efficiency attitudes, perceptions, opinion polling
  • Special group research – low income, ethnic, elderly
  • Behavioral research
  • Program participation satisfaction
  • Benchmark research on advertising recall, message testing
  • Benchmark research on environment and energy efficiency actions, activities and behaviors
Energy Efficiency & Conservation Groups
Hospitals / Health Care Organizations
  • Custom designed patient satisfaction surveys
  • Market share surveys
  • Public perception surveys
  • Community health care needs assessments
  • Outpatient center market research / satisfaction
  • Conceptual new service market research
Hospitals / Health Care Organizations
  • Custom designed customer satisfaction surveys
  • Public opinion on energy efficiency and program awareness
  • Custom market research
  • Energy efficiency program participant surveys
  • Conversion market research
Public Sector
  • Needs Assessments
  • Constituent Satisfaction Surveys
  • Opinion Polling
  • Website / Input Research
  • Online Panel Development / Management
Public Sector


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