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“I just wanted to take an opportunity to thank you and your associates for the excellent service…I feel that there are very few organizations which could allow us to go from conceptual ideas to a comprehensive completed survey in about two weeks time.”

- Calvin Ellis / Marketing Coordinator, Holyoke Gas & Electric, Massachusetts


“The proposal presented by the Center for Research & Public Policy seemed too good to be true in terms of the quality and level of service offered for the price. They were selected and delivered on all bases.

I can enthusiastically recommend the Center for Research & Public Policy to any city government embarking on a survey project that requires integrity, timeliness and articulate presentation of the results.”

- Christine Heflin / City of Coral Springs, Florida

“The service was excellent and we appreciate the timely, professional, and very useful results. I would always give your organization the highest recommendation with any of your prospective clients. Thank you for all your efforts.”

- Daniel M. Glanville / Regional Senior Director, Government and Regulatory Affairs, Comcast

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“Our retreats at Okemo, Crested Butte and Mount Sunapee went well. As fortified with the good research work you performed on our behalf, conversations surrounding the “what ifs” were certainly more productive on account of having statistically valid information to draw from. We have since had additional two-day strategic planning sessions at each resort where the Blue Ocean Strategy outcomes are being embedded in the confirmed, updated or newly minted Vision / Mission / Goals / Objective / Strategy templates. An exciting time for Okemo / Triple Peaks. We are challenging all the assumptions in keeping with what are arguably challenging times. Thanks for the effort and energy you put in to getting us to the Blue Ocean Strategy session armed with good information.”

- Ted Austin / VP Marketing, Okemo Mountain Resort, Ludlow, Vermont

“Thanks for joining us September 11 on Cape Cod. You guys did a great job – you elicited more comments from our Board than we have had in a long time! And you set us on the road to a real Strategic Plan development. Very well-done research, report and Plan presentation.”

- Steve Leahy / Northeast Gas Association


“The Center for Research and Public Policy manages the Sacred Heart University Polling Institute – producing informative and thought provoking national surveys. CRPP and the Institute are integral parts of the University’s outreach efforts. Cited frequently in the press, the Institute has received national attention in The New York Times, CNN, ABC News, CBS MarketWatch, The Chicago Tribute, Fox News, MSNBC, The Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, USA Today , to name a few. CRPP is results-oriented and produces careful research. They would undoubtedly be a valuable, professional partner for any organization.”

- Michael Iannazzi / Vice President, Institutional Advancement, Sacred Heart University

“The Center for Research & Public Policy conducted various polls throughout the eight senatorial districts of Puerto Rico. An island wide sample was prepared and those interviewed were asked about what issues were most important to them and their perceptions about current events taking place on the Island. The New Progressive Party Senatorial Campaign Committee was able to use the data provided by the Center and their recommendations to help our members develop strategy and target their campaign message in a more effective manner. The results were remarkable…The work done by the Center for Research proved to be an invaluable tool in our campaign effort and was crucial to our success. We look forward to working with Jerry Lindsley and his staff in the future.”

- Hon. Charles A. Rodriquez / Former President, Senate of Puerto Rico


“The market research program that you and your colleagues at CRPP designed for the SCC helped measure the awareness of energy restructuring and gauge the effectiveness of our advertising and outreach efforts. The Virginia Energy Team was a great partnership of companies and individuals. I want to thank you for your contributions to a very successful statewide consumer education program. It was an effective campaign.”

- Andy Farmer / State Corporation Commission, Commonwealth of Virginia

“THANK YOU for coming today to present the study to our Commission. You did a great job, and I am pleased that a reporter from the Free Press was here as well. Thanks to you and your entire team for the great job, and please do use me as a reference as needed.”

- Hadley Melendy / Director of Marketing and Sales, Vermont Lottery Commission

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“The Center for Research & Public Policy conducted five well received studies for the State of Delaware over the past three years: Radon Awareness Study and Needs Assessment Among Low-Income and Disabled Residents; Lead Awareness Study; Cultural Needs Assessment Study: Radon Programming; Home & Mortgage Professionals Lead Awareness Study, and; Lead Awareness of Elected Officials Study.

The Center provided, in each case, invaluable and objective recommendations on ways Delaware can more effectively serve the health needs of our residents. Their quality analysis and cross-analysis of the collected data was professional, timely, and critical to the success of our programs Statewide.

I highly recommend The Center for Research & Public Policy for research, program evaluation, and needs assessment assignments.”

- Maria G. Rajai / Program Director, Delaware Division of Public Health

“Just wanted to say thank you again for all the excellent work you’ve done for us. The presentation was well received and gives us a lot of food for thought. I greatly appreciate the time and efforts of you and your staff and look forward to working with you again.”

- Michelle Lamb / Strategic Marketing and Business Development, South Jersey Gas


“I would like to thank you for coming to Utica, NY and participating in our Strategic Planning Conference. Your presentation and participation greatly enhanced dialogue and discussions amongst my executives and will greatly help us in formulating NYPA’s future plans. Your remarks and the results of a survey of opinion leaders throughout NYS on behalf of the New York Power Authority were enlightening and highly valued by all attendees. I look forward to our continued relationship. Thank you once again for joining us and contributing to our planning process and the success of our conference.”

- Eugene W. Zeltmann / President and Chief Executive Officer, New York Power Authority

“You and your firm did an excellent job. If I were to fill out an evaluation of your services over all, I would have to say that you were a 10 out of 10! Outstanding to work with and an outstanding work product, as well as all that goes into getting the product from conception to completion. Thanks for all of your excellent support and expertise. Please also thank all of the members of your team who worked on this project as well.”

- Michael Corso / Chief Residential Advocacy, New York Public Service Commission


“You have really demonstrated a tremendous aptitude in dealing with a very complex set of circumstances in trying to devise this program. And I would like to really commend your Center and yourself in bringing this along. It’s a pioneering effort.”

- Herbert Tate / President, New Jersey Board of Public Utilities

“From my first meeting with CRPP, I was impressed with their previous work for other clients and their willingness to accommodate our needs. They were extremely flexible and their response time and follow through was outstanding. I was also impressed with the knowledge their staff had to offer. The survey they designed and conducted for us was excellent and provided us the information we set out to obtain.”

- Jose M. Costa / Northeast Gas Association


“Within the context of an update of the Hospital’s strategic plan, we felt it appropriate to initiate a community needs assessment to assist us in looking at such areas as service mix, thrust of our marketing efforts and general perceptions with Washington County (Rhode Island) concerning health and social service needs. We also wanted to take a snapshot of public awareness and opinion of the Hospital, its affiliates and our continuum of care. This data will be used in the final calendar as the Hospital completes its strategic planning exercise. It also has generated useful data on target audience health care preferences, selections and awareness as well as the impact of various media and promotional outlets in influencing consumer choice…

Throughout the entire process, the Center staff acted in a timely, responsive and professional manner, assisting the Hospital in our planning, execution of the research instruments and subsequent analysis of data. We would be pleased to recommend The Center for Research & Public Policy to other interested organizations.”

- Brian L. Wallin, APR / Vice President Marketing & Community Affairs South County Hospital, Rhode Island

“We found The Center for Research & Public Policy through recommendations. They helped us refine some questions that would help us identify key, compelling messages. We did this through better understanding of what people value about marshes, and why (and if) they saw them worthy of saving. Then the Center implemented a thoroughly professional telephone survey, and we had the tabulated results within just a few weeks.

The Center for Research & Public Policy has been invaluable in their ability to quantify “where we were” and to give us marketing tools to help us reach the audience we need to inform and persuade to help us.”

- Leslie Starr / The Nature Conservancy


“It is encouraging to know that Alexandria residents believe so strongly that they enjoy such a high quality of life and that they appreciate the City services they receive in return for the taxes they pay. The Survey is an important management tool for the city to use as we examine our operations and priorities and focus on areas where we need to do better.”

- William D. Euille / Mayor, Alexandria, VA

“It’s very exciting and rewarding to see that so many people are aware of Project Renewal, recognize its importance to the City’s future and that the overall trend from this report is as positive as it is. We remain committed to working to improve the City and our residents’ overall quality of life, along with our partners at the Mesquite Independent School District, and we are pleased to see that our residents recognize and feel good about the progress that we’ve made as a community.”

- Ted Barron / City Manager, City of Mesquite, Texas

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“These survey results show that our longstanding partnership continues to pay tremendous dividends to the school district and the city. We are focused on reinforcing the positive aspects of life in Mesquite while positioning our community well for the future. Knowing that residents are supportive of those efforts is a tremendous compliment.”

- Dr. Linda Henrie / Superintendent, Mesquite Independent School District, Mesquite, Texas

“Thank you for taking on our Community Health Care Needs Assessment. We could not have managed it without your help.”

- Lillian Rhodes / Natchaug Hospital


“We had two great focus group sessions in Dallas with some really good data coming out of both. The non-skier group was especially interesting with some good nuggets for us to work with.”

- Daren Cole / Marketing Director, Crested Butte Ski Resort, Colorado

“Thanks for the information. I’ve been meaning to say CRPP did an excellent job with our focus groups. Our topics were complex and we have diverse customers – you did well to allow each person’s perspectives come through. Both groups were very informative and will guide our marketing and business development investment.”

- Christine Werneke / Marketing Director, VNA of Chittenden and Grand Isle Counties, Vermont


“Thanks for joining us September 11 on Cape Cod. You guys did a great job – you elicited more comments from our Board than we have had in a long time! And you set us on the road to a real Strategic Plan development. Very well-done research, report and Plan presentation.”

- Steve Leahy / Northeast Gas Association

“All of this would not be possible without the skilled leadership of Jerry C. Lindsley, Principal of The Center for Research and Public Policy. The participation of CRPP was critical in that they have a large staff of survey specialists, including Masters level scholars and statisticians, whose job it is to craft phrasing, run pilot test and assure quality control.”

- Virginia Mason / President and CEO, United Way of Southeastern Connecticut


“It is encouraging to know that Alexandria residents believe so strongly that they enjoy such a high quality of life and that they appreciate the City services they receive in return for the taxes they pay. The Survey is an important management tool for the city to use as we examine our operations and priorities and focus on areas where we need to do better.”

- William D. Euille / Mayor, Alexandria, VA

“Thanks again for your professional response to our need for the ATV focus groups – the information will be quite useful for several of our projects. You could sense the lively discussion that happened today as a result of your report. Thanks also for working with our government system to insure the project was completed in time – especially since you had a bit of a set back with Hurricane Irene.”

- Sally Kerschner / MSN, RN, Vermont Department of Health


“The Latino and Puerto Rican Affairs Commission is pleased with the quality and methodology used by The Center for Research & Public Policy in preparing our Statewide Socio-Economic Study. CRPP has worked with LPRAC since 1996. By using this nationally recognized research entity, we have added credibility and depth to the outcome of this project.”

- Werner Oyanadel / Executive Director, Latino & Puerto Rican Affairs Commission

“Thank you. We are really enjoying the opportunity to work with you. Your expertise is proving invaluable as we continue to see ways in which your work enhances ours. Much appreciated.”

- John Ebersole, Ph.D. / President, Excelsior College, Albany, New York



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