Telephone Research

Since the start of CRPP in 1979, we have conducted millions of telephone interviews. Our call center is extensive, with a research staff that includes, on every applicable project, Spanish-speaking researchers and survey translation. One of our recent projects included three different dialects of Chinese, in addition to 27 other languages.

Online Surveys

With the growth on Internet penetration and the increased popularity of the Web, Internet surveys have become an important tool within the research industry. Our first Internet study was conducted in April, 2000. And since then, we’ve made it a top priority to stay abreast of the latest Internet survey research methodologies. We are also at the forefront of recognizing and mitigating Internet survey limitations.

Mail Surveys

When it comes to mail surveys, CRPP endorses and subscribes to the Total Design Method (TDM) developed by Dr. Don Dillman. TDM is generally regarded as the standard for mail surveys in market research and the social sciences, and typically achieves response rates of 70% or higher. Of course, there are other approaches to mail surveys. CRPP will examine your specific project and recommend the methodology that suits it best.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

CRPP gets frequent requests for our Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) programs. Our staff delves deeper than simply finding out your customers’ satisfaction levels. We regularly present on customer satisfaction trends including:

  • Why customers are satisfied
  • Logit modeling – To study the correlation between satisfaction and importance
  • Moving customers from satisfied to loyal to advocates
  • Engagement of customers and impact on their satisfaction
  • CRPP will help you compare your results to those of other leading companies, municipalities or within similar industries.

CRPP frequently works with our clients' customers in building the "report card" or customer satisfaction survey questions. This way, you're measuring satisfaction on issues important to your customers.

Employee Surveys

Employee surveys provide a great opportunity to get feedback on:

  • Job attitudes
  • Satisfaction and loyalty
  • Confidence levels
  • Visions of the future
  • Communications
  • Levels of cooperation
  • Fairness in the workplace
  • Training programs
  • Salaries, bonuses and incentives
  • Expectations

When possible, we encourage clients to utilize a homegrown approach to employee surveys. We guide you in using groups or committees of employees in the development of your employee survey.

Above all, CRPP works with you to determine the degree to which employees feel they impact customer satisfaction levels and sales. And that can make a world of difference for your company.

Strategic Plans

Typical strategic plans hold mission and vision statements, values statements, principles, goals, objectives/tactics, SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats), evaluation and an active strategic plan. CRPP’s model enhances the typical Plan with significant input from staff, stakeholders, board members, contributors, constituents,
members, regulators and others. Plans are most successful when all constituents have participated in their creation.


Focus Groups

You’ll have confidence in our focus groups not just because we’ve conducted so many of them (thousands since we opened our doors), but because we guarantee each and every one will be moderated by one of our senior staff members. Plus, we always focus our efforts on discovering the “why” in addition to the “what” clients, constituents and customers are thinking. Just one way we help you get the most beneficial information possible. To see our facility click here.

Long Form, One-On-One Interviews

When you’re dealing with complex information or want to look into an issue as deeply as possible, one-on-one interviews are the best option. Plus, it’s the easiest way to interview hard-to-reach respondents. Whatever your goals, our team can use its experience in the nuances of this methodology to guide you.

Program Evaluation

We regularly conduct Process, Outcome and Impact evaluations for our clients. And we always emphasize our commitment to objectivity and accuracy. These evaluations can help you improve program operations, document initiative efficacy and gather valuable insights into operations. And you can clearly document how well you serve your clients, consumers and constituents. You’ll be able to use this information to establish priorities, guide funding, and modify program structures and activities.

Community Needs Assessments

CRPP’s government, community agency and corporate philanthropic clients regularly study existing and emerging community needs. And because of our vast experience in this area, we can provide particularly keen insight for those clients. Part of that comes from understanding the distinction between met, under-met and unmet needs.

Feasibility Studies

When you get too close to a product, concept, service or program, we can help you look at it objectively to determine its feasibility. Our record of accuracy and reliability in this arena is widely acknowledged by our client base. So when it comes to your organization’s latest efforts, you can depend on CRPP to determine your exact level of potential.

Community Involvement

Social and public policy clients tend to use many of the traditional methodologies mentioned under market research. To that, we add the value of over 33 years experience with social and policy issues, our ability to conduct research in more than 27 languages and a concerted effort to include hard-to-reach participants.


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