When they are not focused on putting things in orbit, NASA’s bright and capable scientists are assigned to helping manufacturers in the United States.  

NASA’s Space Alliance Technology Outreach Program (SATOP) is a free service designed to provide engineering services and speed the transfer of space technology to the U.S. private sector. By giving free technological assistance to businesses, SATOP helps them solve their problems and increase their chances of succeeding. The goal of SATOP is to help small businesses apply the technical expertise derived from the US Space Program.

Made up of an alliance group of 30 space industries, universities, colleges, and NASA centers (Johnson Space Center – Texas, Kennedy Space Center – Florida, and White Sands Test Facility – New Mexico), SATOP finds professionals within these companies who volunteer their time and expertise in solving the challenges of businesses.

Where does CRPP come in?  The United States Congress funds SATOP and requires research to help demonstrate the efficacy and impact of SATOP.  CRPPs customer satisfaction and economic impact research among clients of NASA’s has been included in annual budget requests from Congress over the years.

Other customer satisfaction clients CRPP has helped since 1979 include:

  • Coral Springs and Miami Beach, Florida as well as over 150 other municipalities nationwide
  • Austin Energy, New York Power Authority, National Grid and over 100 other utilities
  • Riggs Bank (D.C), Northfield Savings Bank (VT) and scores of other banks
  • Helen Hayes Hospital (NY), Houston Northwest Medical Center and hospitals in 25 states
  • The University of Rhode Island and scores of other colleges and universities
  • Vanguard Sailboats, The Mark Twain House and corporations nationwide


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