U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

CDC’s Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Survey (BRFSS) is conducted every month in all 50 states.  The important survey monitors and measures prevalence in a number of areas such as smoking, diabetes and exercise but also includes questioning on such factors as weight, frequency of physical examinations, awareness of blood pressure and cholesterol levels, risky sexual behavior, use of drugs, tobacco, alcohol, and other issues related to behavioral risk.  The responses are tracked on a monthly basis and are used in the formation of policy by the CDC.

Responses are reported to the CDC through the WONDER PC data system. Our access to this system enables CRPP to tap into the CDC's extensive health care statistical files for all 50 states.

CDC established CASRO and efficiency goals for the firms conducting the surveys they fund. Throughout our work, CRPP continuously exceeds minimal requirements by 15 percent. CRPP researchers were required to make eight callbacks to prospective sample respondents before "replacement" calls to reduce non-response bias.

The surveys are typically conducted using “mixed access” phone sample – reaching both landlines and cell phones.

In addition to conducting the BRFSS survey on behalf of seven State Departments of Health, CRPP conducts the 60 to 120 question survey on behalf of hundreds of county/municipal health departments, community health agencies, hospitals, and United Way Community Needs Assessments.


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