Puerto Rico Citizenship Foundation

Puerto Rico is in limbo.  Few imagined the Island would remain a U.S. Commonwealth for so many years.  Several plebiscites (referendums) have resulted in 45% for Statehood, 45% for the existing Commonwealth status and 5% for independence with 5% swinging.

The Citizenship Foundation -- an off-spring of the Statehood Party in Puerto Rico -- selected CRPP to conduct research among Islanders, Puerto Ricans on the mainland, and the U.S. population at large. The Statehood Party favors moving the Island from Commonwealth to Statehood.

CRPP research is used to build strategies and a campaign to win regularly scheduled plebiscites. The research defines "best impact" messages, profile supporters and opposition, target regions and demographic groups, track support for Statehood, Commonwealth and Independence, track perceptions and test public understanding of issues such as 936 Tax Codes.

Direct Democracy research is typically commissioned when referendums are imminent.  CRPP has helped prepare clients for votes including:  municipalities, utilities, associations, lobbyists, environmental organizations, tax groups and corporations.


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