Sacred Heart University

In 2001, CRPP began managing the Polling Institute at Sacred Heart University.  The Institute was formed to bring national media attention to the University, provide students with an opportunity to learn research, and allow faculty to become involved in national issues.  Over the years, poll results appeared frequently in the national media including:  The New York Times, CNN, ABC News, CBS MarketWatch, The Chicago Tribute, Fox News, MSNBC, The Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, USA Today and hundreds of local media outlets.

The quarterly national poll’s mission was to look at issues from a moral or ethical perspective.  Hundreds of issues have been studied since 2001 including:  Middle East, economy, healthcare, terrorism, elections, Medicare, Supreme Court rulings, North Korea, Iraq, the U.S. media bias, taxes, energy, religion, homeland security, quality of life, and support for Americans with Disabilities.

The national poll included 800 or 1000 sample surveys, proportional to population contribution in all fifty states and Puerto Rico.  Cross tabulations of results provide perspectives by subgroups and geographical regions.

Similarly, CRPP currently manages the “Patriot Poll” at Excelsior College’s Polling Institute – a national poll focused on Veteran’s and active duty military issues.

And, other Colleges and Universities have called on CRPP for market or social research.  These have included Yale University, Dartmouth College, Manhattanville College, South Carolina Technical Colleges, Hartford College for Women, and Housatonic Community College.


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